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Captain America in Little Falls!

Captain America in Little Falls

Come down to Canal Place leter this afternoon or this evening, and watch the professional graphic artist Eric Maruscak create a life-size verison of Captain America in sidewalk chalk art!

Eric is well-known to those who attend the Comic Cons around the nation for his wonderful sidewalk chalk masterpieces of various comic and video game characters!

Because he lives in Binghamton, Eric has graciously agreed to create some of his work for Little Falls on Third Thursdays this summer. Many of us still remember his wonderful rendition of Rocket Racoon that he did in front of M&T Bank last month!

Eric will also be teaching a class on chalk art at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, starting at 1pm on July 17th. It's not too late to sign up, so call the art center at 823-0808!

For more information on Eric Maruscak, visit his website!

Third Thursday

Chalk artist Eric Maruscak Springhouse Craft Beer at Piccolo Cafe

Be sure to come to Little Falls on July 17th and enjoy all the great specials and fun events! Be sure to check out these special events on Third Thursday:

We have some really special and fun events for the whole family planned for Third Thursdays in Little Falls this summer! For a sneak preview, be sure to look at the online copy of the Summer 2014 Third Thursday Event Guide online here!

For a complete listing of special events and in-store sales and drawing, please see our Third Thursdays page!

Featured Little Falls Business - Always Treasured

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After retiring from a 50 year career in the restaurant business, in June 2006 Siegfried Sprenger decided to open an antique store on Main Street in Little Falls. Woodworking was always his lifelong hobby, and his appreciation for quality work and craftsmanship got him interested in antiques and everyday items of the past.

Siegfried grew up in post-WW2 Germany, where any goods were hard to come by, nothing was thrown away, and everything was repaired. It gives him special satisfaction when he can transform a broken, hopeless piece of furniture into a beautiful object of art.

Always Treasured caters to all people, offering everything from inexpensive used furniture and articles to higher-end antiques and collectibles. If you are looking for a certain article, Siegfried will try to find it for you. He has a loyal local following, and out-of-town dealers stop by regularly. Siegfried also does repairs, refinishing and lamp rewiring.

Be sure to check back often, to see our current featured Little Falls business!

Flash Flood Update - Thank You Volunteers!

It has been a little over a week since the flash floods of late June and early July devastated the Mohawk Valley and damaged many of the businesses in Little Falls. Fortunately, all of the businesses in Little Falls are now re-opened and serving the local community. We would like to sincerely thank the many, many volunteers from the area who came out and helped to clean up the mud and debris. It was hot, dirty, smelly work, and we greatly appreciate your selflessness and community spirit! It’s people like you make Little Falls and the Mohawk Valley one of the best places to live in the country!

Here are some more photos of the clean-up provided by Elaine Cobb, who tirelessly helped in the clean-up herself:

Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls

Businesses in Little Falls Dig Out after Flash Flooding

Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls Flooding in Little Falls

As you are aware, flash floods swept throughout the Mohawk Valley on June 28, 2013. Many businesses in Little Falls suffered property damage from the water and mud, and several businesses suffered heavy damage.

We are happy to report that most of the local businesses in Little Falls are back in operation, and ready to serve you. The business community of Little Falls would like to thank the many volunteers in the community who came out on Friday to help us dig out of the muck. We cannot name everyone who helped, in part because there were so many of you and in some cases you did not tell us your names, so let us extend a representative thank you to members of Main Street First, many of whom spent the entire day shoveling mud and cleaning up shelves. The spirit of neighbor helping neighbor that so many people in Little Falls brought to life makes us proud to call ourselves members of this proud community!

A big thanks to Darryl Harrington for providing the photos!